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Japan: Schoolgirls are Wearing Shorter Skirts Than Animes

Schoolgirls are Wearing Shorter Skirts

It seems that not only in anime do we see girls wearing extremely short skirts, according to a Yaraon publication, there was a strange study that proved that schoolgirls are wearing shorter skirts than anime.

Before you think something like “did the school give these girls such a short skirt?” no, it wasn’t, schools usually give girls even long skirts, but it’s the students themselves who lift the skirts showing more of their legs and thighs.

According to this study, schoolgirls from Shiga wear skirts 19 cm above their knees, schoolgirls from Niigata wear skirts 20 cm above their knees, Tokyo schoolgirls wear skirts 23 cm above their knees, and Ibaraki schoolgirls wear skirts 25 cm above the knees!

Schoolgirls are Wearing Shorter Skirts

The question that remains is… would this be a malevolent influence of anime and manga that usually put schoolgirls in short skirts? Or is it because the girls themselves like to wear skirts at these heights?

Japanese opinion:

“I don’t think you need to measure from the knee anymore, but from the vagi**”

“Do they want to show their panties that badly?”

“It’s amazing how nowadays there are no schoolgirls with good legs”

“What’s the point of showing those thighs? I’m not complaining”

“Well, I didn’t think anything of it, but girls wearing skirts like that are pretty ecchi”

“It stopped being a skirt and is a big belt”

“Oh my god I thought they would be wearing stockings under their skirt but they aren’t either”

“That way they leave nothing to the imagination”

“No longer need a skirt”

“Why do women want to show their thighs?”

“They shorten their skirts to make money off false abuse allegations”

I know that there really are girls and women who really like to go out in short or tight clothes, but anyway, that’s it for now.

via: Yaraon