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The Made in Abyss Scandal in K-pop Involves Sakura from LE SSERAFIM

The Made in Abyss Scandal in K-pop Involves Sakura from LE SSERAFIM

Recently, we reported on the K-pop singer Woozi, who is facing a sort of cancelation for expressing his enjoyment of the anime Made in Abyss.

International fans found this problematic, initiating a “cancelation” campaign because the anime contains heavy content involving underage characters, sparking complaints from fans.

However, some people reacted with surprise, deeming this the “most ridiculous K-pop scandal” to date.

The Made in Abyss Scandal in the K-pop World

A Twitter user posted:

The Made in Abyss Scandal in K-pop Involves Sakura from LE SSERAFIM

Until now, only male idols from the K-pop world were targeted. Besides Woozi, fans dug up old messages from various other singers, and many mentioned watching and enjoying Made in Abyss.

The Made in Abyss Scandal in K-pop Involves Sakura from LE SSERAFIM

But not only men are part of the “Made in Abyss scandal.” It was discovered that Sakura from the K-pop group Le Sserafim also watched Made in Abyss, and she liked the anime. Guess where they found this information?

In a live stream from over 2 years ago, she mentions watching and enjoying Made in Abyss, and now Sakura is the target of these fan complaints. She mentions Made in Abyss at 28:40 in the video below:

But do you think all this backlash is only happening among Western fans? No, even Korean fans are getting involved in the “Made in Abyss scandal.” On the Korean forum Theqoo, we find the following comments:

“What do you expect from a Japanese kid? I didn’t expect her to be normal.”

“I find it fascinating that there are people who find gore fun to watch.”

“Wow, a right-wing and pdphile anime.”

“How can a fetish pd anime with disgusting and strange elements be enjoyable?”

“She is Japanese; I really don’t care.”

“Korean male idols have recommended it, so who cares if a Japanese girl does the same?”

In addition to Woozi and Sakura, other K-pop singers receiving criticism include Soobin from TXT, Mingi from ATEEZ, and Taeyong from NCT. Regarding Made in Abyss, Soobin said in a live stream, “It’s not an anime I would recommend because it’s kind of provocative, but the story is very good, and I’m enjoying watching it.”

One fan trying to defend their K-pop idols said, “The author of Made in Abyss is to blame, not the idols.”

This video of Soobin above sparked immense anger among some Korean fans on the forum Theqoo, criticizing him endlessly. However, on the other side, there is another group of fans defending the singers, claiming that this controversy is “too stupid.”

Many find this entire scandal bizarre and cannot believe it’s happening.

“This controversy is so stupid; K-pop fans are so annoying.”

“This week has proven that K-pop fans are out of touch with reality.”

“I need all K-pop artists who watched Made in Abyss to speak up because this s**t is so ridiculous. I want to see every 12-year-old kid who hasn’t been exposed to dark media having a breakdown over this. Top 10 funniest scandals.”

“This Made in Abyss scandal is making me so embarrassed to call myself a K-pop fan, Jesus.”

“This Made in Abyss scandal is the funniest thing to happen to K-pop in years.”

What are your thoughts on this drama?

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