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Wactor Reveals Identity of Its Own Vtuber After Graduating her

Wactor Reveals Identity of Its Own Vtuber After Graduating her

In the world of Vtubers there are several companies that take care of several vtubers at the same time, managing them, we have Hololive, Nijisanji and what can be considered the most hated company by fans, Wactor.

In March of last year we have another case of an Vtuber from Wactor, Shino Laila, who was dismissed from the company, but the worst was not that, the best would have been if it was just a dismissal but no. Wactor simply revealed Shino Laila’s personal information and even said they would sue her at the time.

Well, practically a year later the case is repeated with another Vtuber in the group. Vtuber Hina Misora entered a hiatus at the end of last year, days later came the news that she was no longer part of Wactor, thus being another Vtuber disconnected from the company.

Now the worst comes now, once again Wactor decided in its press release to reveal the real name and address of the person behind Hina Misora’s profile. And they did it on Vtuber’s own profile! Which they have full control over.

In addition to revealing her real name and address, Wactor said in the statement that the reason for the termination is because she violated the company’s rules, Hina Misora would still have caused moral and economic damage to Wactor and that because of that they will sue Her too.

Many now consider Wactor to be the worst company to work for as a Vtuber, by the way, looking at Wactor’s track record perhaps we can understand this to be true.

Wactor currently has 13 active Vtubers, but the number of retirees is high, at this moment, 11 Vtubers that were from Wactor have already left.