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New McDonald Japan AD with Young Couple Goes Viral

New McDonald Japan AD with Young Couple Goes Viral

Unintentionally, the new McDonald Japan AD also drew comments from Americans for featuring a young couple. Similar to the previous case, the comments revolve around the same theme.

New McDonald Japan AD with Young Couple Goes Viral

Published on November 1, McDonald’s Japan has been releasing animated commercials in a beautiful style that depicts families, couples, and friends enjoying their lives while eating at McDonald’s.

In the previous case, what went viral was a commercial that featured a father, mother, and daughter at home eating McDonald’s meals. In this new commercial, we have a couple—a girl and a boy—eating at McDonald’s, with the girl playfully teasing the boy, who blushes:

For those curious about the art in the commercial, it was created by freelance illustrator Uraura Ura-chan.

The commercial has already reached 60 million views and has generated numerous comments. Naturally, some of the comments are related to what the commercial portrays, which may depict a situation not everyone can experience.

New McDonald Japan AD with Young Couple Goes Viral

Among Japanese comments, we have:

“Is this youth? It feels like a sense of defeat, inferiority, emptiness.”

“This will become NTR art on Pixiv, right?”

“I don’t want to say this, but… I think there will be ‘lewd fanfics’ with 100% certainty. Just don’t forget that, ‘in reality,’ these two people are happy.”

“If I end up finding NTR art of them, I’ll have to deal with the illustrator.”

“I’m almost crying.”

“I used to wear a school uniform, and there was a McDonald’s near my school, but I didn’t have a youth like that… I didn’t.”

Reactions from the West to the New McDonald’s Commercial with the Young Couple

As for Western viewers, the McDonald’s commercial caught their attention again, and many comments were made:

“My life is going to end early.”

“Half of the comments are from degenerates looking for Rule 34 of this, and the other half are people writing suicide notes.”

“Surely Twitter will look at this and say ‘cute couple’ and that will be it, never evolving into a toxic discussion.”

“Whoever is behind McDonald’s Japan commercials should also take care of the Americans.”

“McDonald’s is really just posting cute anime couple commercials as an effective marketing strategy.”

“Does McDonald’s Japan not have burgers? I noticed these commercials only feature fries and nuggets.”

“Oh man, I smell some lewd fanart coming.”

There are also those who take a more political angle and compare these Japanese McDonald’s commercials to the ones in the United States. Some people from European countries mentioned that they get commercials with a very unattractive 3D box, while the anime gets cute anime couples.

In any case, there are already Rule 34 versions of this commercial, and Japanese artists are quick to create them. You can see them on Cakemoe

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