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Kadokawa bought Doga Kobo, Oshi no Ko’s studio

Kadokawa bought Doga Kobo, Oshi no Ko's studio

Kadokawa announced that it has purchased anime studio Doga Kobo, currently known for the Oshi no Ko and Roshidere anime in the current season.

Doga Kobo was founded in 1973, in addition to the two animes mentioned, they have already collaborated on the production of several other projects such as nine Ghibli films, Pokémon and Hokuto no Ken. Before this purchase, Doga Kobo already had a very strong relationship with Kadokawa.

In his statement, Kadokawa’s head of Anime, Takeshi Kikuchi said this: “From now on we will strengthen our relationship, so we can create more attractive and exciting anime that will impress the hearts of fans around the world.”

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Doga Kobo President Ryu Ishiguro had this to say about the purchase: “Kadokawa is a company we have co-produced work with before, and they have always been an ally, we will strive to bring more work in the future.”

Both companies seek to continue producing good quality anime with this purchase, what do you think of this purchase?

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