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Kadokawa explains damage caused by attack on its servers

Kadokawa explains damage caused by attack on its servers

This last weekend Kadokawa was the victim of a cyber attack on its websites and servers, the attack caused very heavy damage to several of its websites and even to Nico Nico, today Kadokawa came to explain more about the scale of this attack.

According to the report that Kadokawa released, the damage caused by the attack had an impact on several of its services, such as publishing, web, merchandise and accounting. See point by point below.

Kadokawa explains damage caused by attack on its servers

Publication businesses

  • The domestic [Japan] paper-based book order receipt system and digital manufacturing factory and distribution system have been suspended. This has led to suspension of the receipt of orders, reduction in production volume and distribution delays, resulting in a decline in shipment quantities.
  • Some functions of the editing and production support system of the domestic [Japan] paper-based book and e-book have been suspended, and it is expected that publication of the existing paper-based books and some new publications (paper-based books and e-books) will be delayed.

Kadokawa explains damage caused by attack on its servers

Web services

All Niconico family services including Niconico Video, Niconico Live Streaming and Niconico Channel have been suspended and users are not able to log into external services through their Niconico account. Recovery of Niconico is expected to take at least one month

Merchandise businesses

Several online shops operated by KADOKAWA have been unable to receive orders for products or some shipments have been delayed.

Accounting functions

The accounting system has also been affected by the system failure, and the payment system stopped functioning temporarily. Because of this, payments to some business partners may be delayed.

As we can see, it will be a long time before Kadokawa can return to normal, more than a month apparently, we report here about a new author who ended up being harmed by the attack right on the day his light novel was released.

Source: Kadokawa