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Japanese women want otaku husbands

Japanese women want otaku husbands

Are otakus husbands are the new norm? An Otaku husbands can be someone who has a level head, has no addictions and treats certain subjects seriously, in short, they are quiet people who just like to enjoy a good anime or manga, am I wrong?

Japanese women want otaku husbands

Well, the Livedoor News portal published an article where it is revealed that the popularity of these otaku guys and gamers has increased in Japan, and women are keeping an eye on these guys considering them as possible husbands, if the two share the same interests, that’s all well too, right?

Until a while ago, these guys weren’t seen as a target for romance, but apparently they are becoming more and more popular among women due to their sincere and stable personalities.

Yorozoo News interviewed Miyako Morimoto, 28, who has a otaku husband after several failed romantic experiences. After entering the working world, she continued to date rappers, hairdressers and amateur athletes, and stated that she had never considered otaku guys as romantic targets before:

”I met my current husband at the company where I worked at the time. At first I didn’t have any special feelings for him, but one day we were casually talking and I found it interesting that he proudly said, ‘My hobby is video games and I play all day on my days off’ (laughs). I also took an interest in him and noticed that he didn’t try to hide that he was an otaku, saying things like ‘I have to play’ or ‘I’m going to take my paid vacation to play this new video game’, which I found very encouraging”.

Japanese women want otaku husbands

Are otakus for marriage?

After these impressions, both became friends and started a relationship. Morimoto spoke about the charm of her otaku boyfriend, the type of person she was dating for the first time in her life. She said:

”I think the good thing about otaku guys is that they don’t care what you think of them. We don’t need to worry about that either. For example, we split the bill when we go out to eat, and he doesn’t seem to mind the ‘Women first’ thing (laughs). I am also not interested in designer watches, shoes or expensive cars. The fact that I don’t have to worry too much about the financial situation when I think about the future is a compelling reason why I decided to get married”

Are otaku husbands great?! Atsuhi Tosaka, representative of ”Dear Bride Tokyo”, one of the biggest matchmaking companies, which has a success rate of 95.1% among its clients, said the following:

”It is true that this type of reserved man is growing in the wedding market. However, it cannot be said that they are exactly popular, as some women prefer more active men. After all, couples who share common interests and values ​​can have a successful marriage. If more women share the same hobbies as gamers and otakus, these men’s popularity will surely increase!”

Via: Livedoor

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