Japan released a Ghost Woman JAV

Japan released a Ghost Woman JAV

Yes, the JAV industry is totally limitless for creativity in producing movies of absolutely everything, if you have an anime of everything, you will have JAV of everything too.

The movie code HUNVR00176 is about a man who starts seeing the ghost of a woman watching him in the house, no one else sees her but him.

The film was released on November 15th and is to be watched with a virtual reality headset. The title of the movie is: “Can you see me? I moved with my family to a new place, but only I can see the sexy ghost”.

Japan released a Ghost Woman JAV

Directed by Masanori, the premise is that you, through virtual reality glasses, experience the ghostly situations through the eyes of one of the family’s children.

The strangest part of this is that the actress who plays the ghost woman doesn’t have her name in the credits, so we don’t get to know who she is.

But anyway, do you want an experience with a ghost woman? In JAV it has.

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