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China against sexy waifus figures

China against sexy waifus figures

China against sexy waifus figures? China is very attractive to action figure manufacturers due to its advantage in production costs. This makes it possible to considerably reduce labor costs.

On the other hand, China is quite intolerable towards adult things, we have already shown here several cases of games that are censored in the country for featuring girls showing too much skin, and with the figures it couldn’t be any different.

China against sexy waifus figures

China Central Television reported that these figures are a problem for society, mainly because many show female characters, of any age, completely naked:

”Nudity, sexual depravity… The internet is full of products that ”your mother would beat you with if she found them”, which mainly include figures of pretty girls. Why would your mother beat you if she found out? As the girls wear revealing outfits, some appear in sexually suggestive poses and others appear completely naked. According to reports, many of these girls are even minors.

China against sexy waifus figures

The video below shows how these figures are sold and promoted, with even manufacturers and buyers being interviewed:

A portion of the Chinese public supports regulation of these products:


”Ah, yes, finally the media realized that there are many pedophiles who feed

”These numbers are not official, they are made by small groups of manufacturers”

”This type of product often appears in advertisements on the internet. Should we manage this type of product? These types of parallel markets exist in many places. Which department should manage them?”

”The consumer group for this product is generally young, we cannot allow them to continue being perverts”

”People who manufacture, distribute and buy this type of product should be severely punished”

”It is necessary to carry out a rigorous investigation into all this and regulate the market”

”I will be attentive to the next reports on this topic, I hope that the authorities take action on the matter”

”I agree, sales channels and platforms must be canceled immediately as soon as it is confirmed that they distribute this type of merchandise”

”I agree that a severe investigation be carried out, sufficient to allow this type of product and merchandise”

And we also have comments expressing contrary opinions:

”Will this spell the end of the erotic figure industry?”

”I hope this only affects the erotic figure market and that normal figures remain viable for the market”

”I think that, if they don’t cancel this type of market, at least prices will rise considerably”

”After all, China’s government is completely terrifying and capable of anything, even if it is something that could affect its economy”

”To what extent would a figure be considered erotic? Because I have seen a lot of official figures that would definitely be considered as such”

”I don’t know if it’s related, but I heard that Axur Lane, a franchise that was very popular for its beautiful girls, discontinued its line of dolls for about two months”

”It is said that it will only deal with erotic figures, but I am sure that the ban would end up expanding to figures in general, as long as they are pretty girls”

”I can’t believe that even the erotic figure industry was completely dependent on the authorities not realizing this.”

”Those who believe that China imposing a ban will only affect them are ignorant. Where do you think all the popular stores send their merchandise to be made?”

”Erotic figures can no longer be exported from China, which would fracture a market that has been based in that country since its inception”

From the looks of it, the Chinese authorities are likely to suggest regulating these products, which should considerably affect the market.

via: Yaraon