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Confirmed! My Anime List was Hacked

Confirmed! My Anime List was Hacked

After hours off the air, the website My Anime List was hacked, the information is now 100% confirmed, the hack was done by a person who modified the title of the animes, as well as notes and other things.

Now on 05/10 the official profile of My Anime List finally communicated to the fans what happened.

Confirmed! My Anime List was Hacked

What happened?

A malicious individual overwrote anime database information to modify all titles to “Let’s All Love Lain”. User scores were also tampered with. Additionally, a javascript alert was inserted to display a pop-up to users who visited their profile or list during the attack.

Our website, apps and APIs were put into emergency maintenance as soon as the attack was discovered.

MyAnimeList Hackeado

Is my information safe?

User information is handled and stored in a manner which meets government regulations. At this time, our investigation has not revealed any data breach of our users’ personal information.

Can the website be restored?

Yes, we can restore the affected anime database titles and user list scores to before the attack.

When will the emergency maintenance end?

This is still unclear. To protect our community, we cannot restore the website until we are fully confident that all hacking methods used by the attacker have been identified and resolved.

Our team is working diligently to bring MyAnimeList back online as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time, and apologize for the continued inconvenience.