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Idols apologize for lying to go to Show

Idols apologize for lying to go to Show

Idols apologize for lying to go to show! Idols are often forced to apologize for many strange reasons. We have previously posted about an idol who apologized for asking fans for food.

Today, we bring you a new case of idols apologizing for seemingly normal reasons. There is an idol group called Shanimuni Parade, which was founded on September 27, 2020, and currently has eight members.

Idols apologize for lying to go to Show

Among these eight girls are Nono Shinozaki and Yui Kamiya. Nono Shinozaki is a founding member of the group, meaning that she has been a member since the first day of Shanimuni Parade. On the other hand, Yui Kamiya joined the group in March 2022.

However, both idols had to record a video in which they appeared serious and apologized for lying to their fans.

The two idols lied to their agency in order to skip group appointments, using excuses like “I’m sick” and “I need to study.” They neglected their idol responsibilities in order to attend a concert by the band Yang Skinny.

Idols apologize for lying to go to Show

Their deceit was exposed when someone spotted them at the entrance of Yang Skinny’s concert, recorded the two, and shared it on Twitter, expressing their discontent. This caused a stir, especially since the idol group’s profile had previously stated that the two members would be on out for a while.

If you recall another post we shared about an idol who was fired for causing a disturbance on a train, you might recognize the aforementioned profile, as it refers to the same guy!

In addition to the video, the two idols also posted messages apologizing to their fans.

All this to make the two learn not to lie anymore to go to their favorite band’s concert!

But it seems that in the end everything ended well, because today Shanimuni Parade’s “Apologetic Festival” was held, which was a concert they played today as an apology to their fans for the above mistake.

And watching the video above, a lot of people go to their show.

Via: Shanimuni Parade

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