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1 Tweet Made Idol Aira Shirasagi Announce Her Retirement

1 Tweet Made Idol Aira Shirasagi Announce Her Retirement

With the anime of Oshi no Ko in evidence because of how it portrays the idol industry as a whole, let’s go to another story of the real idol world. Idol Aira Shirasagi has announced her graduation from the idol group Dramatic Record over a video in which she is reportedly talking loudly and “flirting” with men on a train.

1 Tweet fez a Idol Aira Shirasagi Anunciar sua Aposentadoria

On April 18, a publication on Twitter appeared on social networks that collected more than 1 million views, only this publication made the idol Aira Shirasagi graduate.

A guy took pictures and recorded a short video of idol Aira Shirasagi talking loudly on a train while accompanied by a group of people, he posted it and said:

“There was a group of seven mediocre people, between men and women, acting idiotically and making noise while blocking the entrance and exit of the train, hindering the movement of the other passengers and making the situation uncomfortable.

When I took a closer look at their faces, I noticed that they were wearing white Dramatic Record T-shirts. I could have ignored the situation, but since they were hugging and holding each other’s hands in public, causing a stir, I decided to tweet about it.”

He even said that “idols meet men” and asked his fans, “Do you really want to spend it on a girl who acts like that with a useless guy in public?”.

In her defense, Aira Shirasagi said that she was just with a friend who had gone to their concert, she admitted that she was making noise and apologized for it, however Aira was irritated by the false accusations that she was flirting with other people.

This simple post, however, caused her to graduate from the group. “Graduate” in idol language means “retire”/”leave the group” etc. Her last concert with the Dramatic Record group will be on May 11th, which will be her birthday:

Via: J-Cast

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