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Reporter Yukie Joji’s adultery scandal

Reporter Yukie Joji's adultery scandal

Reporter Yukie Joji was seen on a date in Yokohama’s Chinatown in mid-April. She and a man lined up to enter a popular restaurant in the area.

They allegedly left the restaurant after their meal and held hands as they walked to a nearby hotel. Joji checked in at reception and they went upstairs to their room.

reporter yukie joji

Reporter Yukie Joji’s adultery scandal

6 and a half hours later they came back and checked out. They then held hands as they walked back to the station, where they caught a train together. The man, whose name was not released, got off the train at another station and waved at Joji until the train left. Beautiful is not it?

Reporter Yukie Joji is married and had a son in 2001. The other man is also married and has a son. As fate would have it, Joji was a reporter who had previously covered several adultery scandals. In the end, Joji lost his job because of the scandal.

Source: Tokyo Kinky