Daddy! Dodgeball from SPY x FAMILY becomes Cosplay in Event

Queimada de SPY x FAMILY vira Cosplay

Dodgeball from SPY x FAMILY turns Cosplay into an Event and entertains everyone on social media. Episode 10 of SPY x FAMILY is supposed to be the “most anime” episode of the series.

Although the story has a telepath (Anya) from the first episode, until then everything remained very “normal” in the series, until episode 10, where the children participate in a dodgeball match.

We’ve got scary ball plays that knock down trees, a 6-year-old boy with a voice deeper than a shonen villain, special moves and much more.

Reagindo à SPY x FAMILY Ep 10 Reagindo à SPY x FAMILY Ep 10

Below you can check out the preview of episode 10 of the anime to see some scenes in action:

Dodgeball from SPY x FAMILY becomes Cosplay in Event

One thing that cosplayers are doing and that I find extremely fun and, in addition to making the clothes themselves, they also take the opportunity to recreate scenes from anime.

In My Dress-Up Darling they did this a lot, and I even posted it here on the site when they cosplayed Gojo’s first meeting with Juju-sama and also the tension situation between Gojo and Marin in the motel room.

Now I bring you a cosplay of the SPY x FAMILY dodgeball match:

Daddy! Even the Swat cosplays had fun in this match:

The original publication you can see below, with many more photos:

SPY x FAMILY is over but its second part premieres in October!