Otaku freak out over GoodSmile Snow Bunnies AD

Otakus surtam com termo Snow Bunnies da GoodSmile

GoodSmile Snow Bunnies… On November 22, GoodSmile, which sells anime figures, ran an ad on their profile promoting their anime girl figures in bunny clothes.

Do you know the classic bunny outfit famous in the anime world? There is a series of figures of various bunny anime girls, I’ve posted a lot about them here.

But anyway, winter is coming, so they made the advertisement taking advantage of the period with the bunnies and called them “Snow Bunnies”.

Check out GoodSmile Snow Bunnies:

Otakus surtam com termo Snow Bunnies da GoodSmile
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We have Revy (Black Lagoon), Christina (Steins;Gate), Chizuru (Kanojo Okarishimasu), Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx) e Taiga (Toradora).

As I follow the GoodSmile profile and I always liked these bunny figures, I opened the publication and saw the comments and you know when a girl ends up appearing with a look that reminds me of that Shindol manga and people always start with the comments?

The same thing happened here, some comments the post above received:

“This must have been done on purpose”

“Interesting choice of name”

“It’s real!! Someone at GoodSmile knows what this is about”


“GoodSmile no”

“Taiga never…”

“They know?”

“They don’t know, they lack critical information”

“You could have called them anything else”

“Interesting choice of words”

“Stuff like that and figuring out what ‘queen of spades’ means while browsing /vt/ makes me want to blow American English off the ground”

But then, what the fuck does “Snow Bunnies” or “Snow Bunny” mean, basically, it’s a white girl who only associates with black men…. and apparently has a whole fetish about it.

“The responses and RTs to this are terrible, I see a normal name and apparently it’s dirty American slang that I’ve never heard in my life before. Not every name has to be dirty/perverted! This is ridiculous!”

It reminds me of that case with the Futa bicycle, by Ducati, at least at that time I knew what Futa meant. But in this case here, it’s not anime related, it’s really perverted American slang that I’ve never heard of before.

Anyway, I don’t know if GoodSmile knew about it, more likely than not.