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Himeno is hated by many japanese girls… apparently

Himeno is hated by many japanese girls

Himeno is hated by many Japanese women. With episode 7 of Chainsaw Man, the anime received a lot of attention from Japanese girls, which ended up generating a certain revolt with comments like:

”I hate Himeno, I HATE HER SO MUCH!”

”I hate her so much, everything she does gives me chills.”

”If she existed in real life, I would hate her immensely”


After defeating the Demon of Eternity in episode 7 of Chainsaw Man, the group throws a party to celebrate with lots of food and drink. At the party, Denji charges Himeno about the kiss she promised. Himeno’s behavior generated a lot of dissatisfaction on the part of the Japanese women.

himeno is hated

himeno is hated

Himeno is hated by many japanese girls

Himeno is by no means the fan favorite character and several reasons have been given for this:

1- When everyone was dealing with the Demon of Eternity”, Himeno only cared about Aki, even though he was a high-level demon hunter with a long fighting history.

2- They argue that Himeno is the typical ”self-proclaimed hot girl”, given her character of behaving in an unusually friendly way with men, as she revealed herself to be a ”kisser” when drinking.

3- Himeno liking Aki and hitting on Denji sexually also seems to have increased the hatred.

So… why the “apparently” in the post title? Myjitsu saw that creating bullshit and controversy from the views, so they hunt comments on social networks of the type for their publications.

But they don’t link the comments and take a very small amount, I did a search and actually found some female comments very disapproving of what Himeno did with Denji, or tried to, but the events in episode 8 made them change their minds.

Source: Myjitsu