Girl freaks out because she have Otakus in her class

Girl freaks out because she have Otakus in her class

What you are about to read now is a rant from a young girl who regrets choosing a school because of the amount of “disgusting otakus” in her class.

Seriously, even though anime is something increasingly common in the world today and many people are fans, there are people who hate otakus.

It all started when a user published a post of a “vent” that a girl made, the girl made the publication anonymously, we don’t have her name, but her text is very peculiar!

This girl’s post says the following:

“I’m a freshman at a technical school.

I want to leave this place immediately. The reason is I don’t like the people in my class, I’m surrounded by disgusting otakus, they don’t care what they look like, I really have no motivation to spend 5 years in the same class as them.

Before I started (school), I knew that I would be in the same class as them for these 5 years, but just like in high school, which has smart and trendy people, I expected to spend the 5 years of my life having a good time.. .but I think I made a mistake studying here, if I had known that everyone here was childish and full of otakus who don’t care about looks, I would have gone to a normal school.

Girl freaks out because she have Otakus in her class

It was my choice to go to technical school, but I don’t want to miss five years because of one mistake. Of course I wanted to study, but I also wanted to sing and enjoy my youth that I only have now. I tried to change and transfer but I am lost as it is impossible due to time and other reasons.

I cry when I think I can’t get out of this despair unless I die.”

wow huh? She is very desperate to have otakus in her class, it makes it seem like she would like to have a class with classmates who are trendy, don’t watch anime and are popular.

The reactions of the Japanese to this text were quite varied, check it out:

“Girls between 15 and 16 have a lot of sexual desires, you can’t help it”

“Work hard and be patient in these 5 years, then transfer to a good university”

“I think it’s wrong to judge the other as childish for just being an otaku and not taking care of appearance”

“That is, compared to men, girls prioritize flirting and love when going to school”

“This could have been avoided by taking a tour of the school earlier”

“If that person really exists, it’s pretty cute, but it’s good to stay away from him because of his bad personality”

“Don’t force yourself, fun comes after school.”

That’s right, this girl wanted a class with cool classmates to enjoy her youth. Reality is, it’s full of otakus.