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Tokyo government to launch dating app

Tokyo government to launch dating app

With the idea of ​​helping people find their romantic partner, the Tokyo government to launch dating app soon. Aimed at people over 18 who live, work or study in Tokyo.

The app is also said to use AI to find suitable matches of users based on their personal information and a questionnaire.

Tokyo government to launch dating app

What sets this app apart is the government-backed verification process, which requires users to prove their marital status and income, as well as for them to participate in an online interview to confirm their identity.

The basic system of this application has been in place since December last year in a limited test using a browser version and government employees and people who participated in government matchmaking events.

Your feedback will be used to make future service improvements. It also appears that the browser version is open for anyone on the Tokyo Futari Story website to register while the app is still awaiting release.

And let’s look at the public’s reactions to this new dating app that will be launched by the Tokyo government:

”Is Tokyo’s tax money going to this? If this is to combat late marriage and declining birth rates, then even a layman like me thinks other things need to be done… But maybe I’m wrong and a dating app is a last resort?’ ‘

”This is quite ridiculous, but if they want to be taken seriously, they should emphasize the fact that marital status, number of dependents and income are all true.”

”This is like Psycho-Pass”

”I don’t know how this matchmaking works, but the government should probably stay away from weird things like this.”

”I tried signing up for the browser version, but they required a studio photo, so I never bothered.”

”Times are changing”

”Older people can use this, but it won’t help the birth rate and it’s very uncomfortable for younger people”

”Tokyo loves to spend money on things that won’t work”

The new dating app appears to be an attractive option for many residents of the region, however, it remains to be seen whether the app will actually be effective. And will it provide some fun for users like this dating app here?

via SoraNews24