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Futaba’s VA Complains About AI Imitating Her Voice

Dubladora da Futaba reclama de IA imitando sua Voz

The American voice actress for Futaba, from the game and anime Persona 5, deleted her Twitter profile after getting involved in an online dispute regarding the use of AI-generated voices.

Futaba’s VA Complains About AI Imitating Her Voice

It all started when a fan uploaded an “IA cover” on Youtube, where the AI imitated Lindbeck’s (the voice actress for Futaba) voice while singing the song “Welcome to the Internet.”

She discovered the video and was not happy to see her voice being used in a video without her permission. That’s when she started a campaign on Twitter, requesting that the cover video be taken down from the internet.

After all, listening to the song, the AI version says some strong words that she wouldn’t normally say. Anyway, after Futaba’s voice actress complained, the original uploader deleted their video. However, you know how the internet works, and this is what happened:

Futaba's VA Complains About AI Imitating Her Voice

“Mfs really harassed Erica Lindbeck off of Twitter because she requested AI covers using her voice be removed from YouTube. These same assholes decided they’re going to reupload them to the platform after the individual took them down.”

The cover of Futaba singing “Welcome to the Internet” was reuploaded multiple times on Youtube, and according to some people, there were individuals who harassed Erica Lindbeck because of it. This led her to delete her Twitter profile (but since this post took a while to be published, she has already returned).

It was only a matter of time before a heavier issue arose regarding someone in the industry complaining about AI-generated voices.

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