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Japanese Publishers Predicted use of AI in 2018

Japanese Publishers Predicted use of AI in 2018

How do you view the use of AI for translating manga, creating illustrations, music, and more? Many people are against it, arguing that it will take away jobs from various artists, and this is already happening.

Many companies are already using AI tools to assist in their work. But did you know that in 2018, there was a conference in Japan where they predicted the use of AI in the manga industry?

Japanese Publishers Predicted use of AI in 2018

In an interview with the French portal Linternaute, discussing a partnership between French publishers and Kodansha, Stéphane Beaujean, editorial director of Dupuis, revealed the following about the manga industry:

“In 2018, I attended a conference in Japan where it was said that by 2028, thanks to artificial intelligence, Japanese publishers would be able to publish and distribute their manga instantly and in multiple languages, starting from the PDF in Japanese. Translation would be done automatically in a few minutes.”

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So, we have the revelation that Japanese publishers were already planning to use AIs to translate their works themselves. This shows that they want to have control over the different versions of their works. The current format requires Japanese publishers to license their manga to international publishers, who then translate the manga.

Stéphane Beaujean then commented on his impression after attending this conference: “I left the conference with the feeling, right or wrong, that Japanese publishers would soon no longer need international editorial intermediaries.”

What do you think of Stéphane Beaujean’s statement?

Source: Você Sabia Anime

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