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More than 700,000 webnovels have been used to train AI

More than 700,000 webnovels have been used to train AI

A new controversial AI has emerged, called RyokoAI, and it promises to “write light novels,” suggesting that the future might involve AIs creating stories.

The current controversy revolves around RyokoAI’s use of the website Shousetsuka ni Narou, where it analyzed over 700,000 novels to train its AI.

The issue came to light through a Twitter profile that revealed that Narou was a victim of this AI. Narou is the most famous web novel site, and several anime series have originated as web novels on this site, such as Mahouka, Re:Zero, and Mushoku Tensei.

Narou’s terms state that users are prohibited from engaging in acts that violate the copyrights of others’ works. The site ANN confirmed that out of the 65 GB of data, divided into 21 segments, at least 5 of them contain text from Narou novels.

Users have begun to question the ethics of using Narou’s works, as web novels can be read without needing to create an account on the site.

RyokoAI is a tool for creating texts.

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