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Idol Reveals Negative Aspects of Handshake Events

Idol Reveals Negative Aspects of Handshake Events

One significant aspect of Japanese idol culture is the handshake events. These events provide fans with a unique opportunity to directly engage with their favorite idols by greeting them, shaking hands, and exchanging a few words.

These grand events typically feature idols lined up behind tables (or other protective barriers), with fans forming queues to share a brief moment with their beloved idols.

However, these events aren’t always entirely pleasant for the idols. Yuki Kashiwagi, a renowned singer and member of the AKB48 group, recently addressed the less positive aspects of these handshake events in a video on her YouTube channel.

Idol Reveals Negative Aspects of Handshake Events

In the video, Yuki Kashiwagi responds to fan questions, emphasizing four specific points. The first point concerns the handshake itself. She advises fans not to squeeze idols’ hands too tightly, as it can be uncomfortable and even cause injury. A handshake should be gentle, without excessive force.

The second point addresses the use of names by fans. While some fans hope that idols will remember their names upon reuniting, Yuki Kashiwagi expresses the desire to recall fans’ names but acknowledges the difficulty. To simplify this, she suggests fans use name tags, making it easier for idols to remember.

Idol Reveals Negative Aspects of Handshake Events

The third point touches on a sensitive topic that some fans often bring up in conversations with idols. According to Yuki Kashiwagi, avoid discussing “tiredness.” Refrain from asking idols if they are tired or sharing your own feelings of exhaustion, as it may make them feel even more fatigued.

The last point is somewhat humorous. Some male fans tend to apply perfume to their hands before greeting idols. However, Yuki Kashiwagi discourages this practice, as the scent of masculine perfume can linger on her hands and transfer to other fans who, when smelling her hands, detect the masculine odor.

Idols prefer to avoid the scent of masculine perfume, so the recommendation is to refrain from applying anything to the hands. These are the points revealed by Yuki Kashiwagi on her channel regarding handshake events. What are your thoughts?

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