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Fans are in love with Marcille’s German Dubbing

Fans are in love with Marcille's German Dubbing

To everyone’s surprise, the cooking anime Dungeon Meshi debuted with not only beautiful animation but also charismatic characters and a pleasant atmosphere where the world seems to be a more peaceful place.

However, something caught the fans’ attention. In Dungeon Meshi, we have a group of 4 members, and one of them is the elf Marcille, who spends a good part of the first episode desperate about having to eat monsters.

Fans ended up falling in love with how Marcille speaks in the anime… but if you think it’s because of her original Japanese voice by Senbongi Sayaka or the English version by Rudd Emily, you’re mistaken.

Fans are in love with the German dubbing of Marcille.

Fans are in love with Marcille's German Dubbing

Fans are in love with Marcille’s German Dubbing

A Twitter post reached 830,000 views by sharing several scenes from the German version of Dungeon Meshi, with the comment: “Marcille’s German voice actress in Dungeon Meshi captures the vibes of the adorable loser elf PERFECTLY. I’m so happy. She sounds excellent!!”

Many agreed and found her German dubbing adorable:

“German is a perfect language for little annoyed gremlins.”

“German dubbing is amazing, but sometimes it can be cringe.”

“I’m super critical about my language in things like this, but I must admit, she’s doing a good job.”

“Her voice of denial sounded more insistent in German; it’s amazing to listen to. Thank you for sharing.”

Someone loved Marcille’s voice in German so much that they combined the English dubbing of the Dungeon Meshi anime and added the parts where Marcille speaks in German.

Dungeon Meshi seems to be one of those animes that goes unnoticed at first glance but ends up being a surprise of the current season, with strong contenders for the standout anime.

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