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Dub: Akane VA from Oshi no Ko is being harassed

Dub: Akane VA from Oshi no Ko is being harassed

It seems that the Akane VA from Oshi no Ko is being harassed on social media. At least, that’s what some VAs are posting on their Twitter profiles.

Oshi no Ko, despite its conclusion, continues to gain momentum with the release of its English dubbed version. However, it seems that the American voice actress for Akane has become the target of online harassment.

Despite Oshi no Ko having already concluded, the anime is currently being released with its English dubbed version.

Dub: Akane VA from Oshi no Ko is being harassed

Kristen McGuire, who voices Akane in Oshi no Ko, posted the following message on her Twitter:

“The hardest thing about voice acting for anime is knowing that no matter how much you love a project, how much you try to do it justice, there will still be people who hate it. I appreciate the kindness from the community. I will always do my best for the characters I voice”

If you haven’t watched the anime, I’ll give you a spoiler about the series here.

SPOILER: In the anime, Akane accidentally injures a fellow contestant on a reality show, which leads to her receiving a lot of online hate until she attempts suicide. SPOILER END

Some comments regarding the statement made by the voice actress for Akane:

“It’s okay to dislike the dub, but harassing the voice actors who are just doing their job is unacceptable. Have you watched the anime? It clearly depicts the effects of cyberbullying on the character Akane.”

“I enjoyed the scene where you voiced the character Ai. Good job!”

“There’s a difference between criticism and harassment.”

“It’s ironic how the character Akane portrays the toxicity of online fans through her behavior of harassing actors, and some OnK fans do the exact same thing to the voice actress for the character.”

“People watched Akane’s arc and didn’t learn anything.”

Jack Stansbury, who voices Aqua in the English version, posted the following on his profile:

Dub: Akane VA from Oshi no Ko is being harassed

I researched the reasons behind the harassment and found that some people are dissatisfied with the quality of the dubbing. I came across a comment from someone who tried to explain the issues with the American dubbing:

“The problem with the dubbing lies not in the quality of the voice actors, but rather in the direction and roles. The voice actors are good, but they’re portraying characters that don’t match, and the voice direction seems lazy. If you want to blame someone, blame Sentai, which consistently fails to produce dubs faithful to the original Japanese.”

Below, you can watch a scene of Kristen McGuire voicing the character Akane as she imitates the character Ai.

In another response, a fan commented, “It’s amazing how Oshi no Ko has an entire arc dedicated to criticizing online toxicity, and yet people still continue to engage in it. Did any of them actually watch the anime?” In response, the voice actor for Aqua uses an emoji and the voice actress for Akane says, “It’s quite ironic.”

Dub Akane VA from Oshi no Ko is being harassed

This isn’t the first time that part of the American audience has harassed American voice actors. I remember the case of harassment against the voice actress for the character Mami in Kanojo Okarishimasu, simply because the audience didn’t like the character Mami.

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