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Marcille Illustration Sparks Controversy for Alleged Fanservice

Marcille Illustration Sparks Controversy for Alleged Fanservice

Dungeon Meshi can be considered the great surprise of the season so far, with only 1 episode aired. Its popularity is such that even Marcille’s German dubbing has gone viral on social media.

As Twitter is the main platform for anime discussions, users have already found a way to create controversy around Dungeon Meshi and the elf Marcille.

Trigger Created Illustrations for the Dungeon Meshi Countdown

Dungeon Meshi is an anime produced by the renowned Trigger studio, known for its consistent and beautiful animation, seen in various anime like Kill la Kill, Darling in the Franxx, among others.

Through its official Twitter account, Trigger studio posted artwork featuring Marcille lying down, an adorable elf illustration:

Marcille Illustration Sparks Controversy for Alleged Fanservice

The above art was created by Akihiro Satou and was part of a series celebrating the anime’s premiere, counting down to the first episode.

Marcille Illustration Sparks Controversy for Alleged Fanservice

Now, take a look at the artwork. Do you notice any issues with it? Well, after the premiere of the first episode, fans are engaging in debates on Twitter. Some accuse Marcille’s illustration of being “sexualized,” while others argue otherwise.

Let’s explore some comments:

“Her butt isn’t like that; Trigger, you’ve let me down.”

“God, take all the oversexualization of Trigger’s female characters and give it to Senshi.”

Senshi is the character who cooked for the group in the first episode.

Comentando Dungeon Meshi Ep 1

“Literal FAKE; she would hate lying down in a dirty dungeon with insects, worms, amoebas, and all sorts of creatures. Get her out of there now.”

“This coquettish pinup fanservice pose Marcille is in will be the reason I commit a crime or act of violence.”

“I’m not ready for the dudebros to start perceiving her.”

“I will kill any man who looks at her.”

“This isn’t my girl; her butt does NOT pose for fanservice.”

“It will be so forced if they start making her sexy. She’s not supposed to be sexy at all; she’s grunge, and that’s why we love her.”

“You guys don’t understand; this is Trigger. I wasn’t happy when I heard they took on this anime because they sexualize every female character. I’M WORRIED.”

“Leave her alone.”

“Now do Senshi in the same pose.”

On the other hand, there are comments from people who don’t see how the above illustration could be remotely sexualized.

“Some people calling this illustration of an elf woman lying down and fully dressed ‘very sexualized’ and even threatening violence. This is not an anime tourism issue anymore; it’s a retardation problem.”

“P*rnography addicts calling this art sexualization.”

“The idiot tourists in the comments again.”

“Dude, she’s literally just lying down.”

“Victorian-era men seeing ankles in the comments.”

“I feel a little bad for people screaming that this is sexualization. They train themselves to see fanservice in everything so they can get upset. This isn’t a healthy way to live.”

“She’s just lying down with her staff; how is this sexual?”

“Trigger will bless us again with their animation.”

“Reminder that everyone calling this art sexualized are p*rnography addicts in denial.”

Well, it’s true that Twitter never stays calm and without a fight or controversy for a single day. What do you think? Do you believe the image is pure fanservice, and is Marcille indeed sexualized in this illustration?

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