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Does running like Naruto make you Faster?

Does running like Naruto make you faster

This is for the Naruto users on duty who have probably already had the following question: Does running like Naruto make you faster? We are here today to answer that question.

For those unfamiliar with the Naruto Franchise, the characters usually run with their arms behind their backs like this:

This is how Naruto and the other ninjas usually run, and today, we have an experiment here to prove whether running this way actually makes you faster.

Does running like Naruto make you faster?

In the video below, presenter Kyle Hill first teaches us the science behind why running like Naruto can make you faster.

This way of running has to do with drag, which is the force that will slow you down the most. According to physics, drag is affected by several factors, including the speed of the moving object, the density of the material it is passing through, and the surface area of ​​the side of the object facing the direction it is moving. . Below, the formula for dragging:

Does running like Naruto make you faster?

One theory as to why Naruto’s run could be faster is because it reduces the surface area affected by wind resistance, which could reduce drag and thus possibly increase speed.

Does running like Naruto make you faster?

But Kyle, on the other hand, also points out one reason why it might not work is because it might be inefficient, as Naruto running might not be using his body to its full capabilities.

To test the theory, Kyle invited a professional runner named Jeneba Tarmoh to run like Naruto and see if the change in form makes her 50-meter run faster or not.

When asked if she thought it would work, Jeneba said she thought it would not only be slower, but also more dangerous, as leaning forward could increase the chances of tripping.

For the experiment, Jeneba and Kyle timed their 50-meter run with a stopwatch. They each ran a regular race and a Naruto race three times, and took the average of the three for each of the running styles as their final race times. Then they compared the times to see which was faster.

Does running like Naruto make you faster?

Before conducting the experiment, Kyle pointed out that a previous Naruto running experiment done with cosplayers found that slower runners improved their speed with Naruto running, while faster runners were slowed down by changing posture, but this was an experiment. carried out with amateur runners.

For both Jeneba and Kyle, running as Naruto was 3% slower than running in normal stance. And both runners felt that running with their chests tilted forward was more exhausting, more painful and more dangerous because their body weight distribution was wrong.

Jeneba doesn’t recommend running like Naruto because ”You won’t be able to lift your knees as much as you should” and ”with your arms not swinging you have absolutely no counterweight”, which means you will increase your chances of tripping. 

Jeneba also mentioned that this would also have a psychological effect because knowing that the race is more dangerous while you are doing it will slow you down mentally.

Does running like Naruto make you faster?

And then? Does running like Naruto make you faster? According to this experiment, running like Naruto doesn’t improve your speed and may even slow you down. Let’s leave this style of running to ninjas only, okay?

via SoraNews24