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Has Emilia offered her body to Subaru on the WebNovel?

Has Emilia offered her body to Subaru on the WebNovel?

ReZero, when you think of Emilia from ReZero what kind of things go through your head? At least in mine, that she’s pretty, she’s really pretty, but that she’s innocent, that she doesn’t understand anything about sox and stuff.

The light novel took the content of the webnovel and polished the story, changing several events, characters, lines, etc., to give you an idea, in the webnovel, Subaru was more perverted, something that doesn’t happen in the light novel.

And Emilia was a little different too, for example, Subaru saves Emilia’s life in the first arc, when they face Elsa and Subaru retrieves her crest.

In the webnovel, out of gratitude, Emilia says that she is willing to do “anything” Subaru wants, and it’s anything even implying that she would fuck him even. read the excerpt:


Now being no different, as Subaru himself couldn’t read the mood with his excitement that was out of place when compared to Emilia’s serious gaze, he didn’t know what to do.

“Hey, a girl can’t just say she’ll do ‘anything’, you know? You might find a bad guy like me who just wants… Mwahaha!

“…Still, it’s okay. If that’s what you want to do, Subaru, I’ll follow your example. You can go ‘mwahaha’, ‘fuhfuhfuh’, or even if it’s an umph-umph thing, or go whoopee, I… Hic.

“A girl shouldn’t say such lewd things! Also, it looked like you were about to cry in the second half of it!” Subaru was relieved when the near-tearful Emilia hugged her own shoulders.

As you can see, Emilia was really up for mwahaha, fuhfuhfuh, umph-umph or whoopee, what do those things mean? I don’t know, but some of them are soxual, even though it makes her cry! Wow huh, an unexpected side of Emilia’s webnovel.

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