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Uncensored Ayakashi Triangle maybe only on Blu-ray

Uncensored Ayakashi Triangle

Based on Kentaro Yabuki’s ecchi manga, Ayakashi Triangle recently premiered, and lo and behold, it came, hopefully, censored, so fans wondered, when will we get uncensored Ayakashi Triangle? Well, maybe only on Blu-ray.

First, check out how the censorship of Ayakashi Triangle was, basically they will put several Shiroganes in front of the girls’ bodies, and they are very big Shiroganes:

Uncensored Ayakashi Triangle Uncensored Ayakashi Triangle Ayakashi Triangle censurado 4

Ayakashi Triangle censurado 1 Ayakashi Triangle censurado 1 1

This censorship even matches the theme of the series, because from now on Shirogane becomes the law of morals and good manners, wanting to banish all nastiness, so his being chosen as the censorship was smart.

But the question that remains, when will we see Ayakashi Triangle uncensored? Well, probably only on Blu-ray.

Ayakashi Triangle premiered first on channels that are expected to have censorship, and so many fans waited for it to premiere on AT-X, which is a cable TV channel that normally airs anime without censorship. But when Ayakashi Triangle premiered on AT-X, even on that channel the anime was censored.

So that’s it, we want to see Ayakashi Triangle uncensored? It’s best to wait for the blu-ray version apparently.