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The “Strip the Character” challenge on Twitter

Strip the Character

Artists are always looking for ways to generate more attention for their illustrations and accounts and it seems that some have found this by participating in a certain trend that became quite popular at the end of last year, the “Strip the Character” challenge!

Basically the game consists of the following way, the illustrator will take any girl who has a Waifu status among the fans and will issue a challenge. Take for example the art below of Vtuber from Hololive, Lui, who is known to have killer hips among fans.

The illustrator sets a goal of likes and shares in the publication, which, when achieved, makes the illustrator release a new art of the same character with less clothing.

Strip the Character

As for this Lui, as far as I’ve seen, she was only in her bra and tights, and the goal of taking her clothes off even more hasn’t been reached yet.

As Chainsaw Man was being broadcast at the same time, anime girls became a very popular target for the prank, such as Makima, who got to be really naked.

Illustrator uses her Vtuber Template for Strip the Character

Illustrator Rosuuri is doing the challenge with herself! That’s because the character used in her challenge is her Vtuber avatar. Rosuuri is an illustrator and also Vtuber.

Initially she was wearing a very large gardigan:

Strip the Character

However, with the goals of likes and shares beaten, a bunny outfit was revealed underneath the coat, the goal to take off even more clothes has already been reached and the illustrator has already said that she will post more.

Strip the Character

And there are other examples of characters that were used for this challenge, such as Kawakami (from Persona 5), Tifa (from Final Fantasy 7), Princess Peach (from Mario), Lumine (from Genshin Impact) and Kobeni from Chainsaw Man.

Using the hashtag Strip the Character on Twitter you can see many illustrators joining in on the fun. And there was even a cosplayer participating in the challenge!