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Neneko Cosplays as Shigure Ui Loli

Neneko Cosplays as Shigure Ui Loli

Loli God Requiem continues to generate buzz on social media; after all, the music video has surpassed 53 million views! The adorable Loli form of Illustrator and Vtuber Shigure Ui is already making appearances in memes on social networks.

After all, who didn’t love the dance she performs in her music video? Unfortunately, some famous individuals and even a company that produces children’s products had to apologize for dancing to Loli God Requiem.

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Neneko Cosplays as Shigure Ui Loli

Today, I bring you a cosplay of Shigure Ui or just Ui-chan, done by Neneko. Are you familiar with Neneko? She is a cosplayer who found herself in the middle of controversy on Twitter some time ago for cosplaying as Vtuber Gura, which some people found “too childish,” criticizing her for trying to portray a child.

Well, Neneko’s new cosplay of loli Shigure Ui makes her look even younger:

Neneko Cosplays as Shigure Ui Loli Neneko Cosplays as Shigure Ui Loli

Neneko Cosplays as Shigure Ui Loli

The loli Shigure Ui cosplay is really cute, and Neneko’s ability to appear youthful is incredible. The FBI cap on the bed shows that she knows exactly what some people are thinking when they see her like this.

Her Twitter post has garnered more than 333,000 views so far, but her Shigure Ui cosplay has likely been shared on other social media platforms.

Let’s take a look at some reactions to her cosplay:

“I got hit with the Ui-beam big time.”

“I wonder how many Twitter crazies will be upset about this.”


“So adorable.”

“Can you do the Ui-beam?”

“The FBI is watching me closely now.”



“Can you do the Ui-beam too?”

O que é o Loli God Requiem da Shigure Ui?

Well, no controversy here, just a cute cosplay with many people asking her to do the Ui-beam! You can follow Neneko on her Twitter here.

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