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Vtuber Yozora Mel was officially terminated from Hololive

Vtuber Yozora Mel was officially terminated from Hololive

Hololive fans woke up to an unexpected turn of events on January 16, 2024, as popular Vtuber Yozora Mel was officially terminated from Hololive. The shocking revelation came after it was uncovered that she had been leaking sensitive information to external parties.

In a post notice on twitter, Hololive expressed regret over the decision to terminate the Virtual YouTuber’s contract:

“It is with regret that we announce the termination of our contract with Hololive’s Virtual YouTuber, Yozora Mel, effective January 16, 2024.

It was confirmed that Yozora Mel engaged in activities that violated her contract by sharing information acquired from the company with third parties. Consequently, we found it challenging to continue managing and supporting her, leading us to make this decision with the talent’s consent.”

Vtuber Yozora Mel was officially terminated from Hololive

The announcement makes it clear that Yozora Mel is no longer part of Hololive with immediate effect, and her channel will be closed by the end of February 2024, as stated in Hololive’s official statement.

Yozora Mel took to Twitter to express deep regret for her actions, offering sincere apologies for her abrupt departure. She mentioned that the memories created during her five-year tenure as a Vtuber in Hololive would stay with her forever.

Yozora Mel, part of Hololive’s first generation of Vtubers, made her debut on May 13, 2018, and her unexpected departure marks the end of a remarkable five-year journey.

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