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Game Ensemble Stars Criticized After Silent Update

Game Ensemble Stars Criticized After Silent Update

Game Ensemble Stars Criticized After Silent Update. Ensemble Stars Music is a mobile game based on the series of the same name and is extremely popular, ranking #1 in apps among Japanese women.

However, recently, the game has received criticism for performing a “silent update” and removing something that female players really liked.

Game Ensemble Stars Criticized After Silent Update

Basically, what happened was the following: because it’s a mobile game, you can already imagine that it’s a gacha game, and it really is. There is a 5-star card called “(Number Carrying a Dream) Rinne Amagi”, which shows the character Rinne Amagi without her headband.

Game Ensemble Stars é Criticado após Atualização Silenciosa

If you look up illustrations of Rinne Amagi, you’ll see that he wears his headband at various times. However, as soon as the in-game event ended, players noticed that the illustration above was changed, and lo and behold:

Game Ensemble Stars é Criticado após Atualização Silenciosa

They put the headband back on Rinne Amagi. This sparked criticism of the game online, and the term “silent update” became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter, as the game updated this artwork without notice.

“You thought this silent update would be forgiven… Are you serious about Ensemble Stars? Before and after the update”

“A card illustration in a gacha game is a product, isn’t it? Quietly making a correction when the product is already in the customer’s hands, without the customer’s consent, saying “we made a mistake in the design, so we fixed it “It’s just wrong. Just let people choose between the two versions.”

Ok, but what’s the problem with the Update?

For a lot of people who don’t play the game and don’t understand the fanbase, this update may seem trivial, but why did it piss off the players? Basically the illustration version of Rinne Amagi without the headband showed him in a different way to how he acts on stage.

The version without the bandana had a different “vibe”, something more casual, so putting the bandana on him just took away from that feeling, as the bandana is usually associated with his work on stage, and the female players didn’t like that.

There’s also the fact that the card in question is a five-star reward card, it required a significant amount of event points to acquire, so players who wanted the card had to fight for it while using their in-game gacha currency.

While “dia” in-game currency can be acquired through login bonuses and the like, it is a fact that many players acquire it through real transactions, which means that the card they decide to use is essentially a product they have chosen to purchase. . This no doubt contributed to players feeling so cheated by the artwork changing (thus losing value) after the event ended.

A Fate/Grand Order player saw the trends and was curious to know which game was being criticized, and he commented this:

“I saw the words ‘silent update’ trending and ran over to see which game was being criticized and saw that it was about Ensemble Stars adding a headband to a character. I just let out a chuckle realizing how different our worlds are. “

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