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Which Animes Teased a Continuation That Never Happened?

Quais Animes Sugeriram uma Continuação que Nunca Aconteceu?

Many anime fans are left with an immense void in their hearts due to unfulfilled promises of sequels for their beloved series. Discussions about these elusive continuations are prevalent on the internet, where fans express their frustration over the long-awaited sequels that never seem to materialize. This post delves into the world of anime that hinted at future seasons but have yet to deliver.

The wait for a new season can feel like torture, with intervals often spanning years. For instance, fans of “Oregairu” waited five years for the third season, and “Classroom of the Elite” was once joked about as never receiving a sequel until it finally got a second and third season.

Which Animes Teased a Continuation That Never Happened?

Often, there’s no telling when news of a new season for a beloved anime will drop. It could come out of the blue, surprising many, or disappoint fans with announcements about merchandise or game collaborations instead.

Which Animes Teased a Continuation That Never Happened?

Reddit users recently discussed this topic in a post titled “Which Animes Suggested a Continuation That Never Happened?” Here are some notable responses:

“Rokka no Yuusha (I’m aware of the LN situation)..

“Talentless Nana (If you’ve seen and enjoyed Rokka no Yuusha then Talentless Nana would be right up your alley too)”

“Season 3, but damn, what happened to Noragami?”

“Stars Align/Hoshiai no Sora… man it not getting a continuation still hurts a bit..”

“Deadman Wonderland. Where the fuck did the rest of it go??”

Wonder Egg Priority

“Wonder Egg Priority tried so hard to tease/set up a second season, but anyone who saw that show implode knows that’s never going to happen.”


“For all the drifters fans. First the manga is still ongoing and since the author needed 10 years to finish 10 volumes of manga, I will guess he will take his time. And maybe as good news, there are actually continuing the series, it is just a bit weird. They already released 3 additional episodes that are OVA, what is kind of wrong, because they are actually the continuing story line of the manga.”

“Land of the Lustrous literally ended on a cliffhanger, and knowing what happens in the manga, we NEED it !”

“Not sure if this counts but Saga of Tanya the Evil Season 2 was confirmed years ago after the movie came out. It has since gone AWOL with no new information given about its cancellation or otherwise.”

The second season of Youjo Senki was announced in June 2021, so it is close to completing 3 years since the announcement.

Youjo Senki

“My Little Monster definitely did. A shame it never happened since a 2nd season would definitely finish adapting the rest of the manga.”

“Btooom! is a great example of this. Not only did they end the series on a sequel-bait finale and it bombing in the home market, but the mangaka tried to use milestones for a mobile game in order to entice fans to participate. The game never reached its lofty goals, forcing the servers to quietly shut down just a few months after that big reveal.”

“Chivalry of a Failed Knight”

“Akatsuki no Yona. The anime literally ends when they main story was about to start!. I need a season 2 ASAP

“Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. I miss it every day”

“No Game No Life is probably top of any list for “Where the fuck is the second season?””

“Zombieland Saga film. There have been no news since the announcement”

Like Youjo Senki, the Zombieland Saga film was announced in 2021.

Zombieland Saga

“Watamote. Even the OVA discuss the contents of the (never) incoming second season”

“Medaka box intruduced the new villain in the last episode and never got a third season”

“100% Tomodachi Game. After s1 got finished it largely received good reviews and people enjoyed it too. But idk for some reason they dropped s2. Wish they revived it because I’ve read the manga and the story starts to get better from that point on

“Legend of the legendary heroes. Literally ended on a cliffhanger montage that’ll never get picked up for a sequel”

“Aku no Hana, I was so excited when it finished with a “End of Part One” message, implying there would be more.”

“Noragami 2nd season did a huge reveal in the final episode post credit scene. Never to get a sequel again.”

Above you saw several responses from normal otakus, but recently we had 2 cases of anime that showed certain messages and so far their sequels have not been announced.

The latest Kaguya-sama movie ended with a “New Game” and “Start” screen, akin to previous season announcements, but no fourth season has been confirmed yet.


Sousou no Frieren ended with a “The Journey to Ende continues” message, leaving fans hopeful but uncertain about a new season.

The Journey to Ende continues. (By Abe Tsukasa)
byu/asilvertintedrose inFrieren

Waiting for a new season can be agonizing, especially when it feels like it may never come. Fans often turn to the original material, but it’s not enough—many long for new seasons of their favorite anime.

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