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Neneko Makes Charming Ubel Cosplay

Ubel Frieren

In the latest character popularity contest for Frieren, Aura emerged as the most popular female character in the series, followed by Fern and Ubel! Surprisingly, the protagonist Frieren ranked below them.

Capitalizing on Ubel’s popularity, cosplayer Neneko decided to combine Ubel with an Uber Eats delivery theme. The names Ubel and Uber do sound similar, don’t they?

Ubel cosplay

Neneko looked absolutely stunning in her Ubel cosplay as she rode around the city on a motorcycle.

Ubel cosplay

As with any good Uber delivery, our Neneko Ubel opened her Uber Eats package to make the delivery, showcasing her genius in the cosplay field.

Ubel Cosplay

One of the recurring jokes in the anime Sousou no Frieren is how the protagonist loves to mess with Mimics and often gets trapped inside them.

This Is How the AI Imagined Frieren Inside the Mimic

Neneko took advantage of the Uber Eats box and created her version of Frieren and the Mimic, with Ubel getting trapped in the box.

Ubel Cosplay

Below is a video of Neneko in her Ubel cosplay: “Are you Hungry?”.

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