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A Anime H became a hot topic because of its details in animation

Anime H became a hot topic

A scene from Anime H became a hot topic because of its details in animation, currently many people are disappointed with the animations of anime H, that it is rare to have an anime H with a good animation, that must be why when the PV came out of The Man Who Saved Me on my Isekai Trip was a Killer, which is based on an H manga, the public loved it and the PV went viral.

It’s hard to have an H anime with good animation nowadays, that’s why many feed a desire for an adult content anime with Kimetsu no Yaiba level animation for example.

That’s when an H anime from 2016 became a subject again because one of its scenes is well crafted, in fact, a person without knowing the nature of the anime would say that it comes from a normal anime.

Check out the scene, if you didn’t already know that this is an H anime, would you say that the scene below would be from a regular anime?

Scene from Anime H became a hot topic due to details in animation

Anime H became a hot topic
Anime H became a hot topic

The anime in question is from 2016 and is called Koinaka: Koinaka de Hatsukoi x Nakadashi Soxual Life The Animation, by the Pink Pineapple studio, based on the Visual Novel by the eRONDO studio.

As we can see in the scene above, the guys were happy to draw the entire kitchen in detail and beautifully, the girl is also well done as well as the snack she is bringing.

Anime H became a hot topicAnime H became a hot topic

The H anime really can pass as a normal anime to those who are oblivious to its nature, and it is actually very well animated. Let’s go to some opinions of the Japanese?

“Animations are good just like KyoAni’s”

“I liked it”

“I like the one with the elf queen and a female warrior”

“Koinara is also a great game, no kidding, it’s one of the best eroges in recent years”

“I wish that a big animation company would produce a serious adult animation once and become the cataclysm for the Industry”

“This isn’t recent, is it?”

Another thing that was highly praised was the voices of the girls, saying that the voice actresses are very good.

Koinaka: Koinaka de Hatsukoi x Nakadashi Soxual Life synopsis

Set in a rural town, Kouta is the only son and heir to the Mikomori shrine in the small redeveloping town of Tsumagoi-chou which had been declining in popularity.

He didn’t have any interest in inheriting the shrine. Instead, he focused on his studies, aiming to be a civil servant upon graduation. His widowed father talked about marrying a young girl, but then he suddenly disappeared.

That girl Erina came to live with him, along with her younger sister Motoka. With the help of his childhood friend Mio and a few supporters of the shrine, they managed to continue living normal lives. One day, Erina brought home a girl Mai, who called herself his fiancée. One thing led to another, culminating with Erina ordering him to get her pregnant.