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Adult Animes may End Due to Low Financial Returns

Adult Animes may End

Do you think adult anime can end? Shinichiro Sawayama is a screenwriter and writer of adult scenarios, he made a very depressing post regarding adult anime production on his personal blog that leaves fans apprehensive.

According to him, the adult anime industry (referring to R18 anime, H anime) has adaptations whose adaptations are in decline. Let’s see what he says on his personal blog.

“I’m speaking from my point of view, but I don’t think there are many production companies that want to produce new adult anime. It’s not a matter of being difficult to do, it’s that there isn’t much money to be made with adult anime anymore and there are few incentives.

Comentando Lycoris Recoil eps 4 e 5

The first time I was in the production of an adult anime was episode two of Shusaku: Liberty, which came out in 2003. At that time the budget of an adult anime was bigger than that of an anime!

At that time adult anime was on the same level as normal anime OVAs… the adult anime market is smaller than that of normal anime, apart from that it doesn’t attract the female audience, however compared to TV anime, the budget was longer and working hours were more flexible.

But since then sales began to fall and so production costs were falling little by little.

Comentando Summer Timer Rendering eps 15 e 16

Director Murakami is a year older than me. It’s almost like we’re friends. I’m very close to him because he’s my superior.

This age issue is not a director issue, there are many older directors, producers and sound directors. I’ve never worked with anyone younger than me.

When I think about it, I see that the adult anime industry has also aged.

The Man Who Saved Me on my Isekai Trip was a Killer recebe Várias Fanarts e Cosplays
Adult Animes may End? PV de The Man Who Saved Me on my Isekai Trip was a Killer showed that, if well animated, they can have a long life

Yes, there are assistants and younger employees, but many of those responsible for each department are older people. I mean, I feel like I’ve been working with the same team for a long time.”

What Shinichiro Sawayama is worrying about, I’ve actually seen the adult industry criticized for several months now by fans, but I’ve also seen the recent success that the PV for The man who Saved me on My Isekai Trip was a Killer had. Lots of views, it boosted the sales of the original manga and made many people want adult anime with good animations.

JK Haru wa Isekai de Shoufu ni Natta

A long time ago I published here on the site some manga with adult content that could get beautiful adaptations into anime, and the greatest example of this would be the manga by JK Haru, which is a story about a schoolgirl who dies and is transported to another world where she ends up working in a cabaret sleeping with customers.

But anyway, what do you think of what Shinichiro Sawayama said? Do you think adult anime can end one day?