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Vtuber Okayu revealed her real age

Okayu revealed her real age

We just published about the story of a man who married his favorite Vtuber and we are going to talk about another Vtuber, a more famous one now, as Okayu revealed her real age in a quiet way in a live.

Okayu is one of the biggest Vtubers out there, she has 1.53 million subscribers on her channel. During a live a few months ago, someone on the chat asked if she was 33, on account of mayonnaise news she mentioned.

And then as calmly as possible, she said that she is currently 26 years old, this is the first Hololive Vtuber to reveal her real age without any problem during a live.

Check out the moment below:

Then she mentions that she also does not dispense with the charm of women in their 30s. Below are some reactions to the clip:

“Let’s be honest, even if she was 33, none of us would care. I think some people would even like it more if she was 33.”

“I’m glad Okayu confirmed that she’s older than me, not just rumors. She kind of looks like my older sister so I’m happy’

“Sweet age, now we just need the Marine to reveal her station”

“Thanks a Vtuber that I can watch without feeling like I’m stalking a schoolgirl”

“I see this as an absolute win, anyone watching has to realize there’s an adult behind it trying their best to create content”

Anyway, Okayu revealed her real age to everyone but that doesn’t really take any charm away from her. Did she have anything else that casually told her her real age?