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Japan: Waitress Mixed Her Blood in Cocktail for Client

Garçonete botou seu Sangue em Coquetel para Cliente

An extremely crazy case occurred in Japan, a waitress mixed her blood in cocktail for a customer. The cafe is called “Mondaiji Con Cafe Daku” which means something like: “Problem Child Cafe Sombrio”, and is located in Sapporo.

They first opened on March 3rd, patrons paid 2,500 yen (R$92) to drink as much as they wanted for a set amount of time.

The theme of the place is that the waitresses are “mentally unstable and troubled” to which they were wearing gothic style clothing, obviously a themed cafe but what happened is that one of the waitresses took it too seriously.

Japan: Waitress Mixed Her Blood in Cocktail for Client

Japan: Waitress Mixed Her Blood in Cocktail for Client

One of the employees added her own blood to a cocktail for a customer, the venue found out and fired the girl, claiming it was practically “terrorism”.

“It looks like there was a girl who was cutting herself and mixing her blood into ingredients in the kitchen, but she was fired this time. Also, all business operations today will be stopped to replace all cups. This behavior is similar to that of terrorism committed by part-time employees and is in no way tolerable.”

For the Japanese magazine Flash, doctor Zento Kitao said that drinking someone else’s blood is very dangerous, as you can get many diseases. The cafe said the waitress’s actions were absolutely unacceptable and announced it would be closing for a day to replace all the cups in the place.

Via: New York Post