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There is a Novel focused on Hoshino Ai

Novel focused on Hoshino Ai

This post contains spoilers for episode 1 of Oshi no Ko. Like me, were you also very saddened by Hoshino Ai’s death? So be happy, because there is a novel focused on Hoshino Ai that tells more of the popular idol’s story.

There is a Novel focused on Hoshino Ai

The name of this novel is “45510” and it is written by the original author of the manga, Aka Akasaka, in this novel that is available on the Young Jump website, we have more details about Hoshino Ai’s life.

Oshi no Ko ep 1

Basically “45510” describes the life of Hoshino Ai as a member of the idol group B-Komachi, at the moment it is available to read in Japanese only but fans are translating this novel into English, the translation is not finished yet but you can stay keep an eye on this profile here.

Even the opening theme of Oshi no Ko, the song “Idol”, is based on the story of this novel, as the song is all centered on Hoshino Ai. The music video for this song has already surpassed 3 million views on Youtube:


More Hoshino Ai is welcome.