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Japan: Man Paints His Car to Escape the Police

Man Paints His Car to Escape the Police

A crazy case that happened in Japan, on August 12, at approximately 9:20 pm on the rainy streets of Kiyose, Tokyo, a drunk driver ran over a man with a light truck and fled immediately leaving that person with serious injuries, which already constitutes the crime. of failure to help.

The driver was Tomoyuki Saito, 33 years old and he had been drinking heavily before the accident. He also lost his license and was driving the truck with an inspection sticker that expired 1 year ago.

Man Tries to Avoid the Police by Painting His Truck

Saito’s truck’s windshield shattered and his body was visibly crumpled from the collision. There were also witnesses on the street at the time, as well as surveillance cameras. Realizing this, Saito tried to play smart and try to stay off the police radar by painting his truck a different color.

Saito’s truck went from white to orange, but the plan didn’t quite work out. The police caught up with him, and Saito admitted to being hit and run away. What, huh?

Man Paints His Car to Escape the Police
he really tried

Check out some reactions from the Japanese about this case below:

”He doesn’t even know how to paint. Is there anything he can do correctly?”

”I bet you’re out of spray paint.”

”I think we can all relate to the boredom of something in between.”

”Maybe he realized how stupid he was halfway there.”

”This doesn’t even work in the latest GTA games.”

”Why orange?”

”He’s probably a big fan of 007.”

”It just made the truck stand out more.”

”So many layers… This is a Big Mac crime.”

About that last comment, it really was one crime after another, huh? Drunks are funny and dangerous at the same time.

Via: SoraNews24