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Chainsaw Man Manga Thief Arrested

Chainsaw Man Manga Thief Arrested

We have one more case of a person being arrested for stealing manga from a popular series, it has happened several times before and again for now. On February 27, Hyogo police arrested a 30-year-old unemployed man for stealing the Chainsaw Man manga.

According to the police, the man stole 13 volumes of the Chainsaw Man manga from a bookstore in Kakogawa, after 7 pm on the 18th.

The purpose of unemployment was to resell the manga in a used bookstore, after having stolen the bookstore’s alarm rang and through the security cameras, the local employees saw him putting the manga in a bag and leaving.

The 30-year-old unemployed man who stole manga admitted to the crime and reported that he stole and resold the manga so that he could pay his daily expenses.

This was the Japanese reaction to the case:

“Reselling such a book only makes 1,000 yen”

“If Denji hadn’t become Chainsaw Man”

“It’s the real Denji”

“I wonder if he saw the anime and thought it would sell well”

Via: Yaraon