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ReZero Author Makes Two Mobile Game Characters Canon

ReZero Author Makes Two Mobile Game Characters Canon

ReZero is a franchise that, in addition to its main storyline, features various extras and several games, often introducing original characters not found in the main narrative.

Typically, when a series gets a game or a film with an original character, the author seldom integrates them into the official storyline. However, Tappei Nagatsuki, the author of ReZero, did just that with two characters from the mobile game Lost in Memories.

ReZero Author Makes Two Mobile Game Characters Canon

ReZero Lost in Memories is a gacha game from the series that was launched in September 2020 and has gone offline in May of this year, featuring two original characters.

First, we have Shion, the green-haired girl who served as the navigator in the game, aiding Subaru (the player) in recovering his lost memories. Ultimately, it was revealed that she was the true antagonist of the game

ReZero Author Makes Two Mobile Game Characters Canon

Then there’s Lilac, one of the game’s villains, a phantom created by Shion.

ReZero Author Makes Two Mobile Game Characters Canon

Until now, they were exclusively characters from a closed game, serving as antagonists. However, Tappei seems to have decided to incorporate both of them into the official ReZero storyline.

In the latest edition of Comic Alive, a ReZero extra story was released about Omega, titled “Omega in Wonderland Part 1.” As fans know, all ReZero extra stories are considered part of the main narrative (excluding the “What If…” scenarios, at least for now).

In this story, Omega and Colette find themselves trapped in a dream world that later reveals a purple-haired elf with purple eyes, matching Lilac’s description. Moreover, the story uses the same terminology as the game for both characters, not to mention the identical powers. Fans are now convinced that these hints confirm Shion and Lilac as officially part of ReZero’s main storyline.

So, it seems that Tappei has taken these two characters and made their existence canon in the main ReZero narrative. You can read the story summary here. Let’s see how some fans are reacting.

“Wait, are they canon now?”

“Best design coming from Lost in Memories” (referring to Lilac)

“All that time playing Lost in Memories is finally paying off, tears in my eyes, I knew Tappei wouldn’t let me down.”

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