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The Japanese Man with 4 Wives

The Japanese Man with 4 Wives

In a country known for trends of delayed dating, virginity at 30, and a decline in sexual activity, exceptions like Ryuta Watanabe often grab attention. At 35, Watanabe is a unique individual with four wives and three children, all living harmoniously under one roof.

The Japanese Man with 4 Wives

A recent Abema TV program delved into the romantic life of 35-year-old Ryuta Watanabe, a Japanese man navigating the complexities of having four wives and three children, creating a unique and happy family dynamic.

The Japanese Man with 4 Wives

You might wonder how he managed to attract these wives. Contrary to expectations, Watanabe is unemployed. He takes care of the household, handles cooking responsibilities, and relies on the earnings of his wives, a setup to which all parties have willingly agreed.

Watanabe reveals that they don’t share a bed altogether. Instead, he adopts a sleeping schedule to spend time with each of his wives. Attempts were made to sleep together as a group, but it didn’t work out.

The Japanese Man with 4 Wives

The family includes his first wife, 22-year-old Hisaki, with whom he has two children aged 2 and 1. His second wife, Ayaka, has no children with him. The third wife, Chiharu, aged 27, shares a 5-year-old child with Watanabe. The fourth wife, Chihiro, aged 24, did not appear on the program and lives separately.

The Japanese Man with 4 Wives

Legally, Watanabe is only married to one wife; the others are in common-law marriages. To marry additional wives, he would need to divorce his current wife, as Japan does not allow polygamy.

Watanabe expresses a desire to change the last names of all his wives to his own. Regarding the children, the wives collaborate in caring for each other’s children, fostering a unique family bond. They all reside together in Sapporo, along with their pet dog.

Watanabe embarked on his unconventional marital journey a few years ago. He met his fourth wife on a dating app at the age of 31, simultaneously starting a relationship with his first wife. The trio began cohabitating.

At 33, Watanabe initiated relationships with his second and third wives, and they all moved in together. His fourth wife joined later, and his first wife gave birth to their first child.

By the age of 35, Watanabe’s first and third wives became pregnant, welcoming a new generation of children into the family. Currently seeking a fifth wife, Watanabe continues to navigate the complexities of his polyamorous relationships.

via Abema TV and Tokyo Kinky

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