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Tatsumaki cosplayer starts controversy for being short

Tatsumaki cosplayer starts controversy for being short

Tatsumaki cosplayer starts controversy for being short, precisely the POINT of the original character! Once again a case of people who cannot differentiate an adult person from a child, a cosplayer called Yuki who is 22 years old published a photo of her cosplaying the character Tatsumaki from the anime One Punch Man.

Tatsumaki in the manga story is a short adult, so it’s a perfect cosplay for Yuki, who alongside Rowsvee cosplayed as Fubuki, who is Tatsumaki’s younger sister.

The two wore bunny girl clothes for cosplay:

Tatsumaki cosplayer starts controversy for being short

As you can see from the photo, Yuki is very short, while Rowsvee is a very tall woman next to her.

After the photo was published on Yuki’s social network, she received some comments from people criticizing her photo, wondering why a “child” would be wearing a bunny girl outfit.

Some comments:

“Federal Police, do something immediately before the worst happens”

“What kind of pedophilia is this?”

“Why do I feel this is illegal?”

“Is a child?”

“Is this camera trick or just a short woman?”

“The second girl is a child and I can’t see beyond”

“That girl on the right looks very young”

“Literally child pornography, why is no one reporting this post?”

Yuki was angered by these comments and posted the following message afterwards:

Despite the complaints, she received many comments supporting her:

“People calling it pedophilia is the problem”

“Some people don’t understand that short women exist. Maybe that’s why they are lonely and miserable”

“If you see a child being sexualized when you see a short adult, you are the problem”

“Twitter being normal about short women again”

Apparently these people will never learn.