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Anime uses AI in its production and start complaints

Anime usa IA e gera reclamações

Faster than expected, AI image creation technology arrived and is already involved in anime production, and an animated short that premiered on Netflix is causing controversy for anime production using an AI.

The animation is called “The Dog and the Boy”, and it was animated by Wit, and in the credits it is possible to know that they used an AI to create the background scenarios of the animation.

In the animation credits, they describe how they made the production, first they drew the layout by hand of how they wanted the scenario, then they passed it to the AI that greatly increased the image. And in the last step they would take the scenario that the AI made and revise the hand, leaving it the way they wanted.

Anime uses AI in its production

Some people weren’t happy with the use of AI for the anime, some claiming that it’s taking work away from animators, that AI art is “soulless”, etc.

Some comments:

“I’m not surprised to see AI being used to make anime now. This is exactly what Hayao Miyazaki wanted to prevent when he spoke out against the industry becoming dependent on CGI and computers”

“Not surprised Netflix is doing this”

“Miyazaki also hates smartphones, why don’t you stop using them?”

“I knew it was inevitable, but it’s sad to see”

“”there is a shortage of manpower” yes, you motherfuckers, they pay poorly and demand a lot, they want to work for free, shove AI up their netflix ass, 2023 only bad news from this poor little company”

“Yeah, it’s cool for an experiment, but I’m not going to support it”

“This is sad, more people will no doubt use AI to make animations. We need to have laws against it, because it’s stealing everything in order to create. It shouldn’t be used to make money.”

“You know what? I hope Netflix goes bankrupt, they are greedy and lazy. They cancel shows made by hardworking people just to replace them with soulless jobs.”

Seeing that Wit has already started using AI to produce anime, it’s clear that we can expect a lot more use of AI by other studios going forward.