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Idol apologizes after asking fans for food

Idol Shigaki Jumi se desculpa após pedir comida para os fãs

Idol apologizes after asking fans for food, idol group momograci member Shigaki Jumi had to apologize to her fans after being criticized for using her social media to ask her fans to buy her food while she was watching a game from baseball.

Idol apologizes after asking fans for food

Idol pede desculpa após pedir comida para os fãs

Days ago, she went to watch a baseball game at Yokohama Stadium, and made a tweet showing a menu with an ordering system via QR Code. She asked her followers to buy her food.

”Scan this QR Code and order chili shrimp named ‘Shigaki Jumi’, please. I eat a lot. Please place the order so I can pick it up. I also want to eat some fried rice and karaage!”

Idol pede desculpa apos pedir comida de seus fas

And it worked! Quickly, idol Shigaki Jumi received requests from many fans, but not everyone was happy with her attitude, and she was criticized by many people as well, some comments she received:

”Why don’t you ask for it yourself?”

”If you’re the one eating, why don’t you pay like a normal person?”

”Beggar idol”

”This is not a problem that can be solved with an apology, go to the fans and reciprocate”

”At least buy your own chilli shrimp”

”She should be arrested”

”These otakus think they’re her boyfriend”

”How come they haven’t fired her yet? By being ugly I mean”

Because of this, in a later tweet, the Momograci group as well as the idol apologized in a Twitter post:

Management of idol group momograci apologized for causing any discomfort or trouble due to their idol’s ”careless actions”.

Via: Twitter