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Sui Ishida Doesn’t think Tokyo Ghoul was a Success

Sui Ishida Doesn't think Tokyo Ghoul was a Success

Sui Ishida Doesn’t think Tokyo Ghoul was a Success! Mangaka Sui Ishida recently gave an interview to the Manga Passion website where he revealed some interesting things about his new manga, Choujin X and also something about Tokyo Ghoul.

Sui Ishida works alone in Choujin X

It’s normal for mangaka to hire assistants to help them with manga production, whether it’s drawing backgrounds, coloring the black parts, or doing other things, but Sui Ishida revealed that he works alone on Choujin X.

Sui Ishida Doesn't think Tokyo Ghoul was a Success

“Currently, I don’t have any assistants. Basically, I work on everything myself. Lately, I wake up in the afternoon or at night and draw for about 10 hours. After that, I read a book or watch a movie until I fall asleep. If I have trouble falling asleep , I work a little longer. If I want to progress quickly or really want to submit a manuscript, I draw for twenty to thirty hours at a time. If I go a little slower or if I’m not in a hurry, I just draw for about five hours and move on. the rest of the time doing other things. I also jog and walk to get my body moving”

Choujin X does not have a regularity, for example, it is not weekly or monthly, its chapters come out when they are ready, in this regard Sui Ishida said:

“Weekly series are 18 to 20 pages a week. However, I always thought that if I wasn’t tied to a specific time or page number, I could probably draw something better in person. And it’s easier for me to take time off when necessary”

Sui Ishida Doesn’t think Tokyo Ghoul was a Success

Sui Ishida also spoke about Tokyo Ghoul, his most famous series, and said that he doesn’t really consider the manga a success, but he explains why:


Sui Ishida não Considera Tokyo Ghoul um Sucesso

“I don’t really consider Tokyo Ghoul a success. For me, success is when I feel like I’ve drawn something well. When I think about it, I don’t actually ask for it to be well received in society or for a lot of people to like it. So success for me is if I can praise me for it or not.”

He also explains why he doesn’t try to connect with readers:

“And if I think about it more, I think it’s quite difficult for me to engage with my readers. To be honest, I have no precise idea what kind of people like to read my manga. I feel that if I think about it a lot, I’m trying to be more and more sensitive to readers and that affects my drawings and makes them weird. That’s why I only ask for “self praise” from myself. Everything else is good and I say “thank you”.”

Via: Manga Passion

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