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Studio Kai is operating in the red

Studio Kai is operating in the red

Having produced the animes 7 Seeds 2, Mushikago no Cagaster, Uma Musume 2, Super Cub, Gaikotsu Kishi-sama among others, unfortunately Studio Kai is operating in the red.

Studio Kai is operating in the red for at least 3 years

Studio Kai recently released results for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year that ended in December last year, the studio had a loss of 381 million yen (14 million reais).

Not to mention the sum of accumulated losses at the end of the fiscal year that ended in December 2021 with a total of 104 million yen (3 million reais).

In recent years, Studio Kai, as mentioned above, produced some anime that had a certain name, such as the already mentioned Uma Musume 2 and Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, as well as Captain Tsubasa. However, the company has already lost money for 3 consecutive years.

Uma Musume 2 Vol.01

The studio’s current situation has generated a number of comments from Japanese fans online:

“The more effort you put into production, the more money you lose, mechanically speaking.”

“I understand that it’s hard to recover from a period of losses, but to increase them?”

“They make good anime, but it seems like they don’t sell enough records.” (selling records is not the only source of income for an animation studio)

“Studio Kai’s low investment in production and heavy losses mean they must have taken a lot of money out to improve the quality.”

“I don’t understand why Studio Kai keeps falling into the red every year. I thought getting the production rights for something as popular as Uma Musume: Pretty Derby would help.”

“It seems that the studio has chosen to increase the quality of its projects despite the financial difficulties.”

“In the end, the best thing for a production studio is to make a raw product within the production budget they’re given. If they cut their own costs for the sake of quality, they go into the red like WIT Studio and Studio Kai.”

As you can see, even though they have produced a number of animes like Fuuto Tantei, Captain Tsubasa and Uma Musume, Studio Kai is still operating in the red.

Via: Gamebiz