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Oshi no Ko broke records on HIDIVE

Oshi no Ko broke records on HIDIVE

The debut of Oshi no Ko broke records on HIDIVE, the anime is currently only available in the west exclusively on the streaming service HIDIVE, which today released a post talking about how Oshi no Ko debuted on the platform.

Oshi no Ko broke records on HIDIVE

According to the text published on their official website, Oshi no Ko “broke records by becoming the number 1 release in the history of the streaming service“.

Oshi no Ko broke subscription records too: “The overwhelming fan response in its first seven days of release took OSHI NO KO to the top in total views and new subscribers (first views) – not just for the spring season of 2023, but also of all time”.

Oshi no Ko broke records on HIDIVE

Another broken record was the “test subscriptions” in the service’s history. HIDIVE’s president said that they are very happy with the fan response regarding Oshi no Ko’s debut.

Basically, HIDIVE achieved absurd numbers with Oshi no Ko, and the success of the anime was more a matter of “word of mouth”, one person watched it, got emotional or had no reaction, told it to more people who also watched it and were surprised and so it went.

Oshi no Ko broke records on HIDIVE and also broke one on MyAnimeList, as it was even in front of Fullmetal Alchemist, which is always in the first position of the ranking.

Oshi no Ko synopsis

Sixteen-year-old Ai Hoshino is a talented and beautiful idol who is adored by her fans. She is the personification of a pure, young maiden. But all that glitters is not gold.

Gorou Amemiya is a countryside gynecologist and a big fan of Ai. So when the pregnant idol shows up at his hospital, he is beyond bewildered. Gorou promises her a safe delivery. Little does he know, an encounter with a mysterious figure would result in his untimely death—or so he thought.

Opening his eyes in the lap of his beloved idol, Gorou finds that he has been reborn as Aquamarine Hoshino—Ai’s newborn son! With his world turned upside down, Gorou soon learns that the world of showbiz is paved with thorns, where talent does not always beget success. Will he manage to protect Ai’s smile that he loves so much with the help of an eccentric and unexpected ally?