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Chinese Streamer Forgets Filter and Reveals Real Face

Chinese Streamer Forgets Filter and Reveals Real Face

Despite the category of this post being “Strange Japan“, this case took place in China and shows that it is safer to wear a lot of real makeup than to trust a program.

A classic mishap occurred on a live stream and received a lot of attention in Japan, taking place in China, a streamer ended up unintentionally revealing herself.

Live services in China have some filter functions that can change your face a lot and make the person much more beautiful than he really is.

Look what happened to this woman:

What is said is that she opened the live and forgot to turn on the filter, revealing herself to be a much older woman than she really is and which is what people usually look for., below is another video from another moment:

What is impressive about this story and some suspicions that arose, and that the woman acted very naturally with the filter off, some even suspect that it was all on purpose.

But there were people who were quite shocked by the level of “fraud” finding online and allowed by certain programs. It was reported that her number of views dropped a lot after the case, for example, at the time I make this publication there are only 10 people watching her.